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Reseller for Shuttle Computer Systems Exclusively and backed by a 3 Year Warranty.

They are small but can do it all - Shuttle XPC has only 1/3 size of a traditional tower PC. It maybe small on the outside, but inside Shuttle XPC accompany the latest and fastest components. Like, for instance, the highest performance AMD and INTEL processors, latest DRAM-DDR3, high-end graphics cards (PCI-Express and dual-slots for CrossFire/SLI ), and 80 Plus certified PSU, which provide XPC the environment to run demanding applications such as 3D games, media design and multi-tasking.

Certified as a Shuttle Computer Group Reseller and Service Center.

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Other services:

Custom Systems Integration. If a chassis needs modified, send your details to Zig@ZigsPlace.US

DS437, DS47, DS61, SH67H3, SH87R6, SX79R5, SZ77R5, SZ87R6, V50V2 Plus, X50V3L, X70M, X70S, XH61V, XS35GS, XS35V2, XS35V3L, XS36V